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5th Wedding Anniversary Blog

5th Wedding Anniversary Blog

You’re about to celebrate your 5th wedding anniversary but you’re not sure what gift to buy? In this blog, we share some ideas on wood-themed gifts to mark an anniversary that celebrates the strong bond of a marriage.

Your 5th wedding anniversary is a special milestone worth celebrating. You’ve been married for half a decade- by now you well and truly know (and hopefully still love!) your partner’s habits and ways. Your marriage roots are firmly planted in the ground, and your future together can continue to grow and flourish.

Celebrating your wedding anniversary can inject some spark into your marriage. A special way to celebrate is by giving a gift- but what gift do you buy for your 5th wedding anniversary?

Giving a traditional wedding anniversary gift is a special and thoughtful gesture. Anyone can buy a gift every year but putting thought into the gift makes it extra special.

What is the 5th wedding anniversary theme?

Each of the traditional anniversary themes mirror qualities in a marriage that grow over time. Traditionally, wood is the theme for a 5th wedding anniversary.

While wood might seem plain and boring, there are many unique and cool wooden gift ideas. Wood is also easy to carve, so you can personalize most wooden gifts with a special message.

To make it easier for you, here are some ideas for beautiful wooden wedding anniversary gifts.

5th wedding anniversary gift ideas for her

5th Wedding Anniversary Blog
Wooden Tea Box
If your wife is a tea drinker, then our beautiful Mijenko Wooden Tea Box would make the perfect wooden anniversary gift.

Like a solid marriage that stands the test of time, our wooden tea box has been designed and crafted from beautiful solid Acacia wood. The quality features make this a tea box you’d want to show off on your kitchen countertop!

A wooden tea box is a great way to store and have easy access to your packaged teas. Fill the box with teas that your partner enjoys drinking.

The dividers inside the box can be removed so you can turn the box into a jewellery or other storage box for her keepsakes.


Other wood anniversary gift ideas for her:

5th Wedding Anniversary Blog
Wood frame gallery
Create a photo gallery on a wall in your home. Find special photos of your first five years of marriage and frame them in different sized wooden frames. This is a sentimental gift that pays homage to your marriage so far.

Wooden jewellery box
Women love jewellery, so why not give her a beautiful wooden jewellery box to store her treasures? And for bonus points, buy her a piece of jewellery to put in her new wooden jewellery box!

5th Wedding Anniversary BlogWooden essential oil diffuser
For a calming spa experience in your home, an essential oil diffuser with a wooden exterior makes a great gift. Essential oils create a lovely aroma and have health benefits. Find out your wife’s favorite scent and choose a matching essential oil.

 5th Wedding Anniversary Blog
Personalized wooden cutting board
If your wife loves cooking, a personalized wooden cutting board is a special and practical gift. You can find uniquely shaped cutting boards in different wood finishes. Engraving your family name and your wedding date on the board adds an extra special touch!

5th wedding anniversary gift ideas for him

5th Wedding Anniversary Blog

Wooden chess set

If your husband enjoys a game of chess, why not buy him a wood carved chess set? Wooden chess sets come in different sizes and finishes. Start a new tradition- a wine, cheese and chess night!

Wooden cuff links

Personalized monogram cuff links made of wood are a special gift that your husband can use when going to work. Although cuff links aren’t normally made of wood, if your husband likes something unique, this is sure to be a winner.

Wooden trinket box

Women aren’t the only ones who use a trinket box- men need somewhere to store their keys, cuff links, phone and other bits and pieces. A beautifully handcrafted wooden trinket box is a practical and stylish gift (and something else you can personalize!).

Anniversary wine box

Just like a fine wine, a marriage improves with time. You and your husbands’ favorite wine packaged in a personalized wooden wine box is a sentimental way to celebrate your 5th wedding anniversary. There will be many toast-worthy moments throughout your marriage!


5th wedding anniversary gift ideas for them

Couples aren’t the only ones who give each other anniversary gifts. If you’re looking for wooden anniversary gifts for a couple you know, here are some ideas.

5th Wedding Anniversary Blog

Wooden Jenga set

Couples that play together, stay together. If you’re buying a gift for a fun couple, a wooden Jenga set is a fun play on the wooden anniversary theme.

Wooden photo frame

If the couple loves hanging photos around their home, a new wooden photo frame is a nice idea. If you have a lovely photo of the couple, you could frame the photo as part of the gift.


As you’ve seen with our list of wood wedding anniversary gift ideas, the gift doesn’t have to be traditional and boring- it can be unique, cool and personalized for that extra special touch.

After all, as the saying goes, “it’s the thought that counts”.