Superior gift!
January 9, 2019 
Color: Rose Gold/Copper  |  Verified Purchase

Received this beautiful box as a birthday present and compelled to write a review as it so exceeds any tea box I've had in the past. TI1e wood and workmanship is absolutely top quality, with a soft close mechanism and very sturdy hardware. I received the rose gold handle which is so unique ., I honestly thought it was a jewelry box at first. Definitely recommend as a gift for a close friend or relative.

Superior Gift 

skb...   Amazon

A great gift for a tea lover
January 11, 2019 
Color: Silver  |  Verified Purchase  |  Early Reviewer Rewards  (What's this?)

Got this for a Christmas present from my husband because of all the boxes of tea I kept on our counter,. Wood is beautiful and sturdy. Now all my tea is organized and the box looks great in the kitchen. 

Amazon Customer...   Amazon

January 12, 2019 
Color: Silver  |  Verified Purchase  |  Early Reviewer Rewards  (What's this?)

Looks awesome! 

Momaklazar...   Amazon

Beautiful and well crafted teabox.
January 13, 2019
Color: Rose Gold/Copper  |  Verified Purchase

My husband bought this for me as a gift, and I absolutely love it! The box is beautifully crafted and sturdy. I particularly like the decorative detail on the handle. It can definitively be left out as a decorative piece. It is the perfect size for wrapped tea bags. I haven't tried it with loose tea, but I think the compartments would work well for that as well. Each compartment has removable metal dividers, so they can be cleaned if needed. This truly is a wonderful tea box. 

Randy Tobias...   Amazon

Love it!
January 22, 2019
Color: Rose Gold/Copper  |  Verified Purchase

I love the quality of this tea box. The wood and the rose gold metal are beautiful. I also thought the little steeping teapot was adorable. I actually bought one for my daughter also. I just love this.

Tammy...    Amazon

My tea looks so sexy in the gorgeous box!
January 25, 2019
Color: Rose Gold/Copper   |  Verified Purchase 

 wow  ! This box is beautifully made, packaged perfectly, and holds all your favorite teas. Even can with a sweet little surprise gift. This would make any tea lover so happy! Don't hesitate, you will not be disappointed'

Shelly B Deters...    Amazon

This Box and this Company are The Best i have never seen
such Quality Ever in all of my 60 years
January 25, 2019
Color: Rose Gold/Copper   |  Verified Purchase 

I can only give complete thanksgiving to this Beautiful Company I have never owned I Tea Box ever in my life and it is Stunning I had one little scratch on mine and This Company went above and Beyond what I would even have asked or suggested I was okay with The little scratch If you love Tea even if you Don't Please order this Box the Besuty will make your mouth Drop and your Heart sing it's absolutely Gergeous111! Beyond words it's The Top of The Line Quality and I am 1000% the Copper is Real this Box is Heavy Duty and Top of the Line to Be honest They really Should be More EXPENSIVE not kidding I just Turned 60 and Decided to Order what I wanted for my Birthday I cannot Rave enough over this BEAUTIFUL Tea Box or a Box for whatever you want it for it's STUNNING Thank you Jenn I pray and I know athis Company will go far I am blown away 11!!

Christine Jones Best Product I have purchased on Amazon an I spend 1000$ of Dollars I will buy for Gifts you won't go wrong people Trust Me

Christine...    Amazon

More Than a Tea Box .... This Gorgeous item is a Keepsake!!!
February 9, 2019
Color: Rose Gold/Copper  |  Verified Purchase

I love beautiful wood products, so this gem caught my eye ... you simply must See it and Touch it to fully appreciate the craftsmanship and thoughtfulness that went into it' I purchased it as a Tea Box ... to display and enjoy, however this beauty is more than that.. .. a Keepsake that can be handed down with memories to go along with it! And the story behind its creators adds to its lovely charm!! Wonderful gift for yourself, family or friend .... Stunning!!!

amazon midwest fan...    Amazon

Elegant tea chest; holds a lot of tea
March 1, 2019
Color: Silver 

Beautiful tea chest (I bought the rose gold one) that holds a lot of tea bags. I t had a musty kind of smell when I opened it but I left it open for about 15 minutes and the smell dissipated. I put about six boxes (120 bags) of tea in the chest; right now it's a little overstuffed. One hundred would probably fit better. I have this chest in my kitchen, but it would look nice in a dining room or living room as well. The lid closure is very nice; the lid doesn't slam shut. There are little pads on the bottom of the chest to protect it and any furniture you put it on. There was also a small tea infuser in rose gold metal included as an extra; that was unexpec ted1 This i tern is expensive compared to others available but it is elegant, comes beautifully packaged, and would be a lovely gift for a tea lover, and/or someone who collects nice boxes.

catmom...   Amazon

Top quality and attention to detail!
March 7, 2019
Color: Silver  |  Verified Purchase  |  Early Reviewer Rewards  (What's this?) 

If you are looking for a beautiful product that is both functional and of the highest quality, this is the Tea Storage Box for you. I hate to call it a Tea Storage Box as it is more a Work Of Art! It makes a wonderful gift that will be passed down through generations. It is generously sized and accommodates all brands of tea packets. This seller beli eves in top notch customer service! I highly recommend this product!

Sherrell M...   Amazon

BEAUTIFUL tea box!
March 17, 2019
Color: Silver   Verified Purchase

It's sturdy and gorgeous. Has lovely markings and beau tiful handle. I would definitely gift this to a tea lover!

N and S...   Amazon